Security for commercial properties has evolved far past just surveillance cameras and armed guards as business owners face the threats of illegal dumping, theft, burglaries, loitering and vandalism. Sirens, loudspeakers, armed officers and K-9 units can deter criminal activity, but to get ahead of the threats, business owners need expert help.

To protect businesses in its area, the Hobby Area District contracts with Zaladium Analytics to provide and monitor mobile surveillance camera towers and permanent cameras at illegal dumping sites. The mobile surveillance towers are rotated among businesses every three months. Right now, one of the towers is at the Hilton Garden Inn at 8001 Monroe Blvd. and has stopped car break-ins and other illegal activity in the area, according to General Manager Richard Roser.

“We’ve reached out to Zaladium to further our relationship and install more cameras,” Roser said. “With their cameras, they’re able to zoom in and get clear pictures of license plates and also faces and physical characteristics to help in catching some of these folks.”

Gail Melancon, business resource director for the District, said the mobile towers, which are powered by solar panels and other electricity sources, get results.

“Wherever we put them, the camera towers seem to scare off anyone with bad intentions immediately and keep them away,” Melancon said.

“We’re trying to clean up the area and Zaladium has been instrumental in helping with public safety, including giving presentations to area businesses to see what else can be done.”

Zaladium is a full-service security company that offers expert security consultations, free security assessments, security plans, deterrence signage, top-of-the-line security cameras and sensors as well as live surveillance monitoring.

That list means the company can offer threat detection using “real-time analytics,” according to Michael Tager, director of security services at Zaladium.

“From cameras to sensors, warning signs to loudspeakers, we create a formidable defense. And if someone does get too close, our security personnel help remove unwanted intruders immediately,” Tager said recently. “Our adaptable, prevention-oriented approach combines high-end technology with expert personnel, adding a layer of confidence for clients.”

Benefits of a comprehensive strategy include sharing security video with local law enforcement to help identify criminals, ensuring prosecution and archiving any needed footage for as long as necessary to support the judicial process.

“We are continually evaluating our solutions to adjust and improve them as technology and environments change,” said Tager.

Zaladium undertakes a four-step process to build a comprehensive security plan that begins with assessing all possible security threats and designing a blueprint to tackle each threat.

“We constantly review, examine, and update our assessment according to surveillance analytics and changing threat levels,” Tager said.

The company uses a state-of-the-art global surveillance and tracking center (GSAT) to help detect any unwanted activity at a business. GSAT is artificial intelligence software that is able to detect objects and people and is connected to a monitoring station using either hard lines, satellite or cellular connections.

Those data-driven detection methods help Zaladium update security in real time to adapt to the situation.

Finally, if unwanted activity is detected, the company notifies local police and deploys an armed security guard within minutes.

“Our monitored video offers clients unrivaled surveillance and high-resolution footage, which has led to the capture and conviction of a number of criminals,” Tager said.

Melancon, with the Hobby Area District, said the company has a strong relationship with local law enforcement.

“They are very proactive,” she said. “When people are dumping and get caught on camera, we send the special HPD team out there and the dumpers can be fined $1,500.”

— By Brian Rogers