Who we are

Established in 2007 by the Texas Legislature, the Hobby Area District’s mission is to establish an attractive, connected, talented and celebrated place to investand live.

We have some lofty goals for the Hobby Area District, but what does that mean for the day to day? It means we’re focusing our attention on advocacy, special projects, economic development, communication and community, driven by the guidance of our dedicated staff and board members.


We’re proud to have a dedicated, in-house staff to make sure the District is running smoothly and meeting the needs of our community.

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The engine behind the District is its committed board members. They volunteer their time and energy to advocate, make decisions and steer the region into an optimistic future. Board Meetings are held every second Thursday of every odd month. (e.g., January, March, May…)

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The board is divided into three committees: Public Safety, Community and Economic Development and Marketing & Communications. Committee Meetings are held every second Thursday of every even month. (e.g., February, April, June…)

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To keep residents, visitors, business and property owners safe and secure. To enhance the landscape of the District with physical improvements. To connect the Hobby Area with the Houston region through better transportation and mobility. To match job creators in the area with job seekers in the region. To foster and create opportunities for all.