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The District is served by an all-volunteer board made up from our diverse business community who work to provide:


The District has funded a new crime initiative. The HAD Task Force is comprised of off-duty HPD officers who will patrol the area and report on crime statistics. The district is providing the officers with two patrol vehicles. In addition to patrolling the district and being available to the business owners, the patrol initiative is focusing efforts on the I-45 corridor in an effort to combat prostitution and drug activity.

The District has contracted with Precinct 2 Constable’s office for four dedicated patrol officers.

The Hobby Area District is ramping up police patrols and investing in new and better technology, like mobile surveillance cameras that capture clearer video, as the nation hopes to get emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and get busier again.

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The District provides solar light cameras that are monitored 24/7 in an effort to reduce crime in certain hot spots.

The District pays for a renter screening program for apartment managers and owners.

The District contracts with a crew that removes graffiti — a service that is not provided by any other government entity.

The District provides underpass lighting along the Sims Bayou underpasses.

Community Enhancement

The District worked with the Houston SBA to provide webinars to businesses in the district.
The District worked with United Against Human Trafficking and the local apartment managers on training for apartment employees.
The District approved funding to clean and refresh the existing mini mural boxes.

The District contracts with SMC for ROW maintenance, beautification, litter abatement and Metro Bus shelter maintenance.

The District provides for once a month power washing and litter abatement on the district’s Metro bus shelters. These shelters were a collaboration between the district and Metro.
The District contracts with Smart Scaping for quarterly mowing and litter abatement on the BNSF railway Right of Way on Mykawa road within the district boundaries.

Community Service

The District partnered with Precinct 2 County Commissioner Adrian Garcia in a community outreach distribution event at Revile Park. Other partners included Councilman Gallegos, VCare Clinic, YESPrep Hobby, Census Bureau, LWV, Alpha Sigma Theta and the Houston Food Bank. Participants received food, masks, hand sanitizer, voter registration and census information.

The District partnered with Memorial Herman Hospital to provide the community with packets containing (4) masks, hand sanitizer and COVID-19 information in English and Spanish.

The District partnered with the Census Bureau in distributing information to the community in English, Spanish and Vietnamese.

The District partnered with the LWV in distributing voter registration information to the community.

The District has partnered with BakerRipley House (Harbach Campus) on a community outreach distribution event. The district donated 300 COVID-19 packets containing masks, hand sanitizer and COVID-19 information.

As the COVID-19 crisis unfolded, the District reassessed the budget to forecast any future economic effect. Consequently, a reprioritization of expenditures resulted in additional funding for public safety without adding any additional increases to the overall budget. The District increased funding for public safety initiatives, patrols, and equipment while showing an overall decrease of over $100,000 in the final budget.

“Without the district, the massive landscaping and beautification of Broadway Boulevard would never have happened and it’s on-going maintenance would disappear. This had a profound impact on improving the character of the area and is just the first of many potential projects to improve the District.”


“Houston Parks Board was delighted the Hobby Area District and TIRZ 8 wanted to bring lighting to the future Sims Bayou Greenway as it passes underneath the major roadways within the Hobby Area District. We appreciate TIRZ 8 and the Hobby Area District for funding, installing and maintaining the lighting features and continuously striving to provide the best experiences possible for the Hobby Area District’s residents and visitors.”


Keep the Hobby Area District working for you!

We encourage all commercial property owners to get involved with the Hobby Area District to understand the issues and investment priorities.

The District holds open Board meetings on the 2nd Wednesday of each month @1:00pm unless otherwise noted.

You can also contact us with any questions.