It may be called the Tire Store Service Center, but owner and operator Gerardo Nolazco insists that the most important word is “service.”

The massive shop at 6401 Telephone Road is set up as a conventional mechanic’s auto shop, not just a tire store.

“We do a little bit of everything, but primarily auto repair and tires,” Nolazco said recently. “Tires, wheels and all your services from oil changes up to engine replacement.”

Nolazco, who has a bachelor’s degree in management from Texas Southern  University and speaks English and Spanish, said he and his business partners are winning customers by making “trust” the cornerstone of the company.

“This is one of four locations in the Houston area and we’re going to be growing in the next year,” he said. “And the reason behind that is that we don’t ‘sell’— we service.”

Because Nolasco works hard to earn the trust of his customers, Nolazco has attracted business from fleet services and car dealerships up and down Telephone Road and elsewhere across the Hobby Area District.

He said that he is instilling a culture where employees feel valued and trusted, so that when they deal with customers, the customer knows they are valued, too.

“We have employees from all different backgrounds—we have a lot of immigrants—and we are creating a culture where they can grow with us and help us expand in the Houston area,” Nolazco said. “And that starts with trust. I’ve been a broke college student and it’s important to have a place you can trust not to rip you off.”

It’s a strategy Nolazco has been known for since college, according to one of his fraternity brothers, Joaquin Martinez. He works for Houston Council Member Robert Gallegos. On a recent December day, Martinez was at the Tire Store Service Center getting his jeep worked on when he took the opportunity to praise his old friend’s business acumen as well as his technical prowess as a mechanic.

“I’ve been taking my car here for years, and they are not only here in the community, but they are also a big part of the community,” Martinez said. “Folks come here and feel comfortable because there’s a lot of community engagement. You don’t have a successful business unless you’re treating customers good.”

Nolazco, who grew up in Houston, has owned his own businesses since 2010. In 2016, he and his brother partnered with an old friend who has tire shops in Dallas to create the Tire Store Service Center.

Nolazco knew how to fix cars and his friend knew how to sell tires. By combining forces, they have been able to prosper, even during the pandemic. The business model is simple, Nolazco said: Just offer the best service to clients at the best prices. Now that they have four locations and serve all of Houston, Alvin and Manvel, it’s hard to argue with success.

Full services can be found at

In the Hobby area:
Phone: (281) 974-5772
Address: 6401 Telephone Rd.
Houston, TX 77061

In Alvin:
Phone: (281) 331-5163
Address: 201 W. South St
Alvin, TX 77511

In the East End:
Phone: (832) 804-9345
Address: 107 N. Milby
Houston, TX 77003

In the Aldine Bender area:
Phone: (832) 409-6785
Address: 2446 Little York
Houston, TX 77093

— by Brian Rogers