Our goal is to build and sustain the Houston business community and student body, through effective educational & programmatic initiatives, and to help businesses grow in revenue, personnel, and business opportunities.

May 6, 2020


How To Start & Run Your Business
May 8 & 15, 2021
9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Online via Zoom
There is a fee of $40 for this seminar. but it is free for veterans (VETS).
This 2-part seminar, offered over two Saturday mornings, is a must for prospective entrepreneurs and a proven benefit to many already in business. It is a powerful program that’s packed with information, tips and techniques needed to start a new business as well as improve an ongoing enterprise. The following topics will be covered:
Part 1:
  1. Personal Factors & Management
  2. Business Opportunities
  3. Marketing
  4. Organization/regulation/insurance
Part 2:
5. Requirement & Sources Of Fund
6. Cash Management & Record-Keeping
7. Business Plan
The seminar will be taught by SCORE mentors, each with over 20 years of business experience. They have created the content and presented it to thousands of potential and existing business owners. They’ll make sure you’ll leave this seminar with skills and insights on how to run a successful business.
Through our Diversity Investor Academy at HCC, you will learn how to do early-stage investment and the skills to become a future business angel to help our minority entrepreneurs in the community.
Start Date: June 2nd (12pm) – Virtual
All you need is:
– Seek for the above-average returns that early-stage investment may bring to you.
– Passion to invest in diverse founders.
– Be an accredited investor or have the ambition to become one.
Our Educational Module includes:
– Structured Lessons. Weekly 1’5-hours classes led by an expert
.- 2 months community group
.- Panel Discussions about Early-Stage Investment
– Monthly individual consultations with your tutor or mentor.
– Networking with real Business Angels
– Real Pitch Event
For more details, check our video info session below!
HCC info session- Diversity Investors Academy



Entrepreneur Spotlight:
Jasmin Augustin
Founder of Media Jasmin
The #OCOM TV show will be interviewing a very special guest on our next episode, Jasmin Augustin. Jasmin Augustin is the founder of Media Jasmin, a full-service social media management and coaching agency. Jasmin’s focus is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners learn how to turn their social media followers and subscribers into dollars. Jasmin uses a psychology-based selling strategy and this methodology has proven to be highly successful.
Jasmin started out in Social Work and earned her Master’s in Social Work. However, she decided to focus her career on the Digital Marketing Industry which has been her passion for the last 4 years. Jasmin specializes in Instagram and Facebook platforms. She is a 3-time award winner since becoming an entrepreneur 8 years ago. Her awards include; Liftoff Houston Business Plan Competition, WBEA Mentorship Award, and most recently the SBA Home-Business Champion Award in 2019. Jasmin is a force in the social media industry and will be a great guest on our show to help motivate entrepreneurs just like you. In addition to her busy career, Jasmin enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time at the beach with her family.
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By Germaine Washington, MBA



Join our HCC Entrepreneurship Club!
The HCC Entrepreneurship Club is created to assist students enrolled at HCC to provide a conduit by which students can access relevant entrepreneurial resources, network with prominent community entrepreneurs, and share ideas. Students will engage in discussions with other student clubs of similar interests, and collaborate and brainstorm together, as well as get feedback on business workshops, speaking engagements, seminars, competitions/hackathons, and other related activities.
The Entrepreneurship club is dedicated to furthering understanding about new or small businesses, and learn the tactics, tips, and skills to become an entrepreneur, and/or learn an entrepreneurial mindset.
A. Open to any student who is currently enrolled at HCC.
B. Must be enrolled in (2) or more classes.
To register and to find out more details on how you can engage, please fill out the form in the registration button below: