Please be advised of the following closures beginning tonight:
610 South Loop Westbound Mainlanes at Wayside Dr. Exit Ramp
2 Inside Lanes Closed: Friday (9/11) 9pm to Monday (9/14) 5am
610 South Loop Eastbound Mainlanes Entrance Ramp from Wayside Dr.
1 Inside Lane Closed: Friday (9/11) 9pm to Monday (9/14) 5am
I-45 Northbound Direct Connector to 610 Westbound
Full Closure of Direct Connector: Friday (9/11) 9pm to Monday (9/14) 5am
I-45 Southbound Mainlanes from Broad St. to 610 S. Loop Westbound Direct Connector
Outside Shoulder Closure: Friday (9/11) 9pm to Saturday (9/12) 5am
IH-10 Eastbound Mainlanes from Downtown to Waco St.
Full Freeway Closure: Friday (9/11) 9pm to Monday (9/14) 5am
  • Traffic Detour: IH-10 East Frontage Road

IH-69 Southbound and Northbound Direct Connectors to IH-10 East
Full Closure of Direct Connectors: Friday (9/11) 8pm to Monday (9/14) 5am

  • Traffic Detour: I-69 Southbound traffic will take I-10 West to San Jacinto St., Exit San Jacinto St., U-turn to I-10 East; I-69 Northbound traffic will take I-69 North to 610 East back around to I-10 East or West
Closures related to IH-10 and IH-69 includes the following Ramps:
  1. IH-69 Southbound Entrance Ramp from Quitman St.
  2. IH-10 Eastbound Entrance Ramp from Gregg St.
  3. IH-10 Eastbound Entrance Ramp from Chartres St. (Downtown)
  4. IH-10 Baytown East Freeway
  5. IH-10 Eastbound Mainlanes Exit Ramp to Waco
  6. Full Closure of Exit Ramp
  7. Sunday (9/13) 5pm for 1 month
  • Traffic Detour: Traffic traveling Eastbound will take the next exit (Lockwood Dr.) and U-turn onto the Westbound frontage road and IH-10 Westbound lanes back to Waco St. Exit
I-45 Gulf Freeway Northbound Mainlanes from 610 South Loop to Telephone Rd
3 Inside Lanes Closed: Monday (9/14) 9pm to Tuesday (9/15) 5am
610 S Loop Westbound Direct Connector to I-45 Northbound
Full Closure of Direct Connector: Monday (9/14) 9pm to Tuesday (9/15) 5am; Tuesday (9/15) 9pm to Wednesday(9/16) 5am
I-45 Northbound Mainlanes from 610 South Loop to Telephone Rd
2 Outside Lanes Closed: Tuesday (9/15) 9pm to Wednesday (9/16) 5am