Harris County Commissioners’ Court Approves Burn Ban

Today, the Harris County Commissioners’ Court approved a Burn Ban in response to an increased threat of wildfires across unincorporated Harris County. There are now 171 Texas counties with burn bans, including Harris, Galveston, Waller, Fort Bend, Brazoria and Liberty counties.

No outdoor burning is allowed except: in an enclosure that contains all flames and/or sparks; outdoor burning activities authorized by TCEQ; approved ceremonial fires; non-commercial cooking such as backyard cookouts and barbeques are allowed; and welding and other “hot work” performed in accordance with county fire code requirements.

Violation of the ban is a Class “C” misdemeanor, punishable for up to a $500 fine. In addition, any person who starts a fire that causes damage to property without the consent of the owner may be charged with Reckless Damage or Destruction, a Class C misdemeanor, or arson, a felony.

This burn ban will not impact the sale of fireworks this Fourth of July season as it did not meet the legislative criteria for implementation based on the KBDI numbers on June 15, 2022. We strongly encourage all residents to attend professional fireworks displays. If you choose to use consumer fireworks, please read the cautionary labels, have a water source near in case of emergencies, and soak used fireworks before disposing them in the trash.

The full news release from the Harris County Fire Marshal is available here.