Our goal is to build and sustain the Houston business community and student body, through effective educational & programmatic initiatives, and to help businesses grow in revenue, personnel, and business opportunities.
October 7, 2020
Your Tax Responsibilities
as a Business Owner Webinar
October 9, 2020
10:00 AM- 11:30 AM CDT
Know your Tax Responsibilities
As a business owner it is your responsibility to be aware of your tax compliance requirements. Meeting your federal, state, and local tax obligations enables you to stay in good legal standing. The business structure, location and product/service offering impact the local/state taxes your business pays. In this webinar, you’ll learn important information to help ensure your tax compliance:
  • What are the tax requirements for each business structure?
  • What happens if I missed the tax deadline?
  • What are estimated quarterly taxes?
  • Am I subject to self-employment taxes?
  • Can I file an extension to pay my taxes?
  • What taxes apply to employees and/or contractors?
Starting & Running Your Own Business Seminar
(2 parts)
October 10, 2020
10:00 AM- 11:30 AM CDT
This 2- part seminar is a must for prospective entrepreneurs and a proven benefit to many already in business. Seminar leaders are men and women professionals, each with over 20 years of business experience, who have created this seminar and presented it to thousands of potential and existing business owners.
We will cover these seven important topics:
Part 1 – October 10, 2020
1) Personal Factors & Art of Management
2) Business Opportunities
3) Marketing
4) Organization/Regulation/Insurance
Part 2 – October 17, 2020
1) Requirement & Sources of Capital
2) Cash Management & Record-Keeping
3) Business Plans
Desarrollando Su Estrategia de Redes Sociales
Escogiendo la mejor plataforma para atraer y conectarte con tu audiencia es esencial para su negocio. Aprende sobre las herramientas para promover tu marca y producto en Instagram/ Facebook.
8 de Octubre | 2:00pm CST |
15 de octubre, 2020
5:30 PM- 7:30 PM CDT
No requiere inscripción
Meeting ID: 376 306 7203
Passcode: HCC123
Conozca estrategias para establecer su crédito financiero
En este taller, usted aprenderá cómo establecer su crédito e identificará metas, para crecer su crédito financiero.
También revisarán los impactos financieros del crédito, analizarán y elegirán estrategias para mantener, mejorar o establecer crédito, y planificarán los próximos pasos a seguir.
Actividades incluidas:
  • identificar objetivos,
  • elegir una estrategia,
  • trazar los próximos pasos,
  • establecer un plan
29 de octubre, 2020
5:30 PM- 7:30 PM CDT
No requiere inscripción
Meeting ID: 376 306 7203
Passcode: HCC123
Estrategias para
ahorrar con éxito
“Savings Success”
En este taller de “Savings Success,” los participantes obtienen una guía a través de un mapa interactivo de como establecer metas para ahorrar para su negocio o proyectos personales.
Durante este taller, los presentadores identificarán metas financieras, discutirán estrategias para reducir gastos y cómo planificar a corto y largo plazo con los próximos pasos a seguir.
The Launch Pod – “A Platform for Takeoff” podcast is back and we are virtual!
Ideas Pitch Competition Scholarship Winners
By Germaine Washington, MBA
The Launch Pod – “A Platform for Takeoff” podcast is back and has gone virtual. This podcast introduced our audience to HCC students who presented their ideas at the Idea Pitch Competition. The Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at Southwest Campus, Ravi Brahmbhatt is dedicated to helping our students reach their entrepreneurial goals. He managed the competition that these students competed in and talked with us about how he took the competition virtual.
One competitor, Joshua Porter took classes at HCC in an effort to prepare for his admission as a freshman at the University of Texas. Another student, Davis Alford, is a non-traditional student working towards his Real Estate license at HCC. The conversation was so interesting as we discussed going completely virtual and how it affects traditional students versus the non-traditional students. The students also discussed the ideas they presented and the future of where these ideas will take them.
Joshua Porter, was my first guest featured on the podcast who described a product that he presented that came from a problem his dad was experiencing as a nurse. Many patients experience extreme pain and discomfort in the hospital when using bed pans. This prompted Joshua to develop an idea for an inflatable bed pan that can be placed underneath the patient for easier access. Joshua stated that he has not checked on manufacturing companies presently but is keeping his options open for the future.
Our second guest, an HCC student who presented organic candles that promote health and well-being. Davis Alford said he and his wife would purchase candles every week and found some to be great while other were not worth the money. This gave him the idea to create candles that are made with products that do not contain any petroleum or other ingredients that are harmful while emitting wonderful smells for your home or office. He has two sizes for sale that he makes and eventually will look for the candles to be manufactured on a national level. Ravi is working to set him up with Amazon to potentially help him sell his candles on a larger scale.
Ravi Brahmbhatt, Director, Center for Entrepreneurship,