A Letter from the Chairman

The Hobby Area District (HAD) is one of the most diverse communities in the Houston Metropolitan area. The community is centered around William P. Hobby Airport, which employs over 4000+ employees, and is undergoing some major expansion projects with Southwest Airlines.

To embrace the full spectrum of economic and community development in this vibrant sector of metropolitan Houston, we must recognize that our local businesses that make up this commercial area need options and opportunities to develop their economic well-being. The role of the HAD is to be a central hub for identifying and marshaling resources, addressing public policy, and disseminating information.

Strategically, HAD provides a multi-level approach to achieving its overall goals through a diverse platform of programs with a focus on the individual, the commercial enterprise, the integrated network, and the systems that support the community.

By profession, I am a business owner that provides transportation planning, design, and construction services. People are discovering the Hobby Area for good reasons: the wonderful selection of urban-style residences, high quality of municipal services, and great business opportunities which all contribute to attracting new businesses to our community. It doesn’t hurt to have world-class companies/organizations like William P. Hobby Airport, Hobby Airport DoubleTree Hotel, Powell Industries, Gateway Ace Hardware, BB&T Bank, Amegy Bank, and many others all generously contributing to our schools and other non-profit community-based institutions.

As someone deeply invested in our great city, I can assure you that your Hobby area experience whether online, over the phone, via social media, or in person will be a special one.

On behalf of our Board of Directors, we thank you for your continued support of the Hobby Area District and we invite all who share the vision of the District to unite with us.

Best Regards,

Danny R. Perkins
Chairman of the Board