Public Safety & Security

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Initiatives include:

  • Provide graffiti abatement and prevention
  • Enhance public street lighting
  • Establish partnerships with HPD, Metro, and other agencies
  • Support HPD’s Positive Interaction Program (PIP)
  • Enhance traffic control devices where necessary
  • Initiate safety awareness programs and activities
  • Advocate for security needs with county, city, state, and federal agencies

Enhanced Public Safety Presence

The District will partner with S.E.A.L. Security Solutions to provide enhanced public safety presence in the District. The goal is to create a Secure Business Community that will foster growth of current and future businesses. S.E.AL. officers will collect business cards and business information to help in creating a comprehensive business community database.

S.E.A.L. Security Solutions provides Level III Commissioned Security Officers with K-9 units. The patrol vehicles will be marked as HAMD patrol vehicles and will patrol the District Monday through Sunday.

All Security Officers carry GPS monitored radios tied to a 24/7 operations center.

Graffiti Abatement

The presence of graffiti creates a negative impression and is viewed by many as an indication of a high crime area and an area in decline. Developing a graffiti removal program is a quick and visible method of enhancing both the aesthetic and public safety perception of the area. Quickly removing graffiti sends the message that people care about an area. One key component of any graffiti removal program is the systematic and consistent restoration of the graffiti sight to its original condition.

At present there is one organization, in Houston, which has a successful program already in place: The Greater East End Management District.

The Greater East End Management District will provide a monthly report which documents the type, location, and date of removal. The Director will monitor the performance of the graffiti removal and will periodically review and enhance, as necessary, reporting procedures to identify graffiti locations.

Street Light Reporting

Darkness creates unsafe conditions that allow crime to thrive. To that end the District will work with SMC Logistics to provide street light outage reporting. These reports will be sent to CenterPoint and the District on a bimonthly basis with follow up provided by SMC Logistics.

Partnership with Houston Apartment Association to Provide Rental Credit Reporting for Multifamily Properties

The District will work in conjunction with the Houston Apartment Association (HAA) to encourage Multifamily Properties to join the HAA through the use of Rental Credit Reporting (RCR). If a Multifamily Property is a member of HAA or joins HAA the District will pay for the costs of RCR for the property.

RCR provides Multifamily Properties the ability to screen for Resident History, Texas Criminal Data, Suspected Terrorists and Most Wanted Databases, Move In/Move Out History and Evictions.

Partner With Local Law Enforcement

The Director of Services will work to develop and maintain a close working relationship with local area law enforcement to facilitate and encourage interagency communication. This relationship based approached will permit the District to leverage the resources of the Houston Police Department, and other enforcement agencies, to direct their resources to benefit the constituents of the District.

Advocate for Regional Security Needs

The Director will monitor crime statistics collected from area law enforcement. This statistical information will be used to plot the increase or decrease in various types of criminal conduct and where this criminal conduct is occurring. The HAMD will use this information to work with State Legislators, County and City officials to obtain additional law enforcement resources for the constituents of HAMD.

The statistical data will be shared with local law enforcement to assist them in obtaining federal grant funding related to Homeland Security or other available sources of income to provide additional officers, material, technology or programs designed to promote the general safety and security of the Hobby Area.

Advocate for the Removal of Deteriorating Structures

The Director will continue to identify and maintain a list of blighted or deteriorating structures and properties located within the district and will work closely with the Houston Police Department’s Neighborhood Protection Corp, City Council members, State and County officials, and property owners to correct these issues either through voluntary cooperation or through enforcement of applicable law.

Public Safety Plan