Mobility and Environmental and Urban Design

Environmental and urban design provides the “platform” for improving how the District looks and works. This project area affects the quality of the business community and influences decisions of potential investors. The District is interested and will work towards support of enhancing our appearance and image, physical improvements, private and public infrastructure improvements, and open spaces such as parks and trails. The District will work to promote conservation programs, improved street scapes, and park facilities. Each of these elements will add to a “sense of place” and identity.

The District will develop programs to beautify and landscape streets and freeway frontages and to create an identity with perimeter and interior markers such as custom signage, banners, flags, and monuments. The District will also work with property owners and public entities to coordinate maintenance of setbacks, rights-of-way, and planting. The District recently hired the design services of Condon and Associates to assist with beautification of Broadway Blvd.

Mobility deficiencies in the District are of two primary types: (1) internal circulation, and (2) regional access, which is hampered by the lack of ingress and egress. To keep peak hour congestion at a manageable level, the basic infrastructure systems such as roadways, traffic control, public transportation, and utilities, must be addressed in a unified and consistent manner. The District will work with city, county, regional, and state entities to ensure that this area receives the required investment in construction and maintenance of that infrastructure.

Initiatives may include:

  • Enhance amenities for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Improve public transportation shelters, seating, and trash services
  • Promote Broadway Street as ceremonial corridor
  • Develop transportation and mobility master plan
  • Create Airport boulevard promenade
  • Coordinate with TXDOT on I-45 reconstruction, aesthetics
  • Provide for traffic flow studies and assist in mobility projects
  • Develop and implement master plan based on Hobby Airport Image Plan
  • Promote esplanade and median adoptions
  • Support and maintain public art
  • Provide supplemental mowing, trash pick up, and bandit sign removal
  • Preserve, enhance, and expand public parks and trails
  • Address water, wastewater, and drainage requirements
  • Create District identity and inviting streetscapes
  • Support conservation programs, emissions reduction and recycling