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What is a Management District?

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Management districts are special bodies created by the Texas legislature. These districts are empowered to promote, develop, encourage and maintain employment, commerce, transportation, housing, tourism, recreation, arts, entertainment, economic development, safety and the public welfare. 

Management districts are given the power to finance their operations by issuing bonds or other obligations, payable in whole or in part from ad valorem taxes, assessments, impact fees, or other funds of the district to provide improvements and services. They may not levy a tax or assessment on single-family detached residences. Furthermore, districts may levy a tax only after holding an election within the district. These districts are intended to supplement, not supplant, existing public services.

The Hobby Area District is proud to serve the community with a mission to establish an attractive, connected, talented and celebrated place to invest and live. To help achieve these goals the Hobby Area District has a Board of Directors that oversees community initiatives and service plans for the District. The board members are all unpaid local residents or property owners within the district and serve for 4-year terms. There are currently 4 vacancies open and you can apply here. All applicants are elected by the current serving board members. 

With the help of the Hobby Area District staff, Board of Directors and community members, the Hobby area has made many positive changes in the local community. New safety initiatives include security patrols, street light and right of way maintenance, graffiti abatement and mobile security cameras. We are proud to serve our community and look forward to continued improvements to the Hobby area. 

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