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Local Expert: Security Tips for Home & Business Owners Part II

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We’re excited to feature Ray Perez—Hobby-area security professional with nearly 20 years of law enforcement experience as a sergeant with the Houston Police Department—as our next Local Expert community blog contributor. After many years providing public safety, private protection and conducting investigations, Ray and his private security firm, Marshall Agency, provide security solutions including armed patrols with licensed officers. Learn more about Marshall Agency and connect with Ray to discuss options for safety and crime deterrence for your neighborhood or business. This is Part II of a two-part interview. Check out Part I here.

  1. How can being aware of your surroundings and taking note of things that are out of place help with safety and security?
    Everyone is distracted with family, business responsibilities and more keeping us mentally busy. This allows criminals ample opportunity to take advantage of us when we are least expecting it during our everyday routine. Become a people-watcher for your own protection. By being observant of your surroundings and taking notes and pictures or videos to document ongoing suspicious activity, the community can help local law enforcement disrupt criminal activity.
  2. What types of crime should be reported to S.E.A.L. Security vs Houston Police?
    HPD and S.E.A.L. do a good job of coordinating to develop crime patterns and strategies to combat them. In an emergency, citizens should always call 9-1-1. Sometimes, depending on where patrols are and whether or not officers are already on a call, S.E.A.L. may have a quicker response time than HPD. Citizens can reach S.E.A.L. Security at 713-489-6300.In my time in the Houston Police Department, one of the sayings that I always heard was “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” When HPD hears reports passed along from S.E.A.L. as well as different concerned citizens and business owners, it is more likely to redirect its resources to address those specific concerns.
  3. What initiatives are in place to continue to improve safety and decrease crime rates in the Hobby area? There are several law enforcement partnerships and cooperating agencies working together to make the Hobby area safe and secure. If you call for HPD and they are busy up to arrive at a scene, people should be aware that their tax dollars also pay for Harris County Constable Precinct 2 to provide patrol units. Many people are unaware of this additional resource so the Constable’s Office does not receive many calls for service.If you feel that you are not receiving enough security at your home or business, you can always shop around for additional services from the wide array of security professional firms to augment the resources provided by your tax dollars. 
  4. Any other info Hobby area residents and business owners should know?
    It is important to reiterate to residents and business owners to be aware of what resources are available to help combat crime, but I also encourage them to “think outside the box” by proposing solutions to community concerns and presenting their ideas to public officials.

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