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4th of July Safety Tips for Hobby Area Residents

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To avoid accidents around fireworks, grills and other outdoor activities, it’s crucial to take proper precautions during the 4th of July holiday. As part of our commitment to promoting safety and security for all who live and work in the Hobby Area, the District would like to offer the following tips for having a safe Independence Day with friends and family. 

  1. Do not light fireworks within Harris County or Houston city limits. It is against the law and punishable by up to $2,000 fine per firework. If you travel to an area where fireworks are legal, please use caution when handling them and be aware of the laws surrounding the transportation of fireworks. You can find detailed info on fireworks regulations from the Houston Police Department here
  2. Use a ridesharing service (like Uber or Lyft) or arrange a designated driver if you plan to drink alcohol. Do not drink and drive. 
  3. Be sure to lock your car, and take or hide all valuables when you go to watch the fireworks display. If you witness suspicious activity in the Hobby Area, report it to S.E.A.L. Security at 713-489-6300 or, in the event of an emergency, call 911.
  4. Do not fire gunshots into the air. Celebratory gunfire is a dangerous and potentially deadly practice. What goes up must come down, including bullets. 
  5. Be sure pets are inside where it is safe and quiet. Most animals are startled by the sights and sounds of exploding fireworks and may try to escape from a back yard or leashed run. 
  6. Stay hydrated. If you plan to be outdoors for an extended length of time, be sure to bring plenty of water to drink. 
  7. Never leave children unattended in a swimming pool or other body of water. If possible, only swim where there is a stationed lifeguard. 


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