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Hobby Area District to Provide CPTED Audits Free of Charge

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HPD_blue_star_certifiedAs part of its community service plan, the Hobby Area District is providing free CPTED audits to local multi-family property owners to assist with pursuing Blue Star Certification—a safety designation for apartment complexes. CPTED stands for Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design and it discourages unlawful activity by simply making it less convenient for potential perpetrators to commit a crime.

CPTED makes it easy for everyone in the community to “keep an eye out” for each other by implementing the four strategies listed below:


  • Natural surveillance: Eliminating glare from lights and adding lights in unlit areas will help avoid any potential dangers lurking in the shadows.
  • Territorial reinforcement: Fixing up fences and pavements creates a sense of ownership and opens up the property to provide more visibility.
  • Natural access: Clearing pathways like sidewalks, alleys or building entrances creates identifiable points of entry and exit.
  • Maintenance: Landscaping bushes or shrubs to avoid obstruction of a person’s view of the street or path allows for safe navigation of the property.

Example of CPTED lighting strategy to eliminate glare.

The Hobby Area District is proud to currently have three Blue Star certified apartments: Bellestone Villas Apartments, Telephone Road Elderly Apartments, and Dover Place Apartments. In order to become Blue Star certified, property owners must: attend an eight-hour managers training, complete a CPTED Survey and address deficiencies on property, and conduct a Safety Social for residents.

To assist with navigating the process, the Hobby Area District’s Special Projects & Field Service Manager Walter Funes is available to provide free CPTED audits to property owners so they can make sure they meet requirements before applying for certification. To schedule a free audit, contact Walter Funes at (If you are a tenant, be sure to ask your leasing office about Blue Star Certification!)

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