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Hobby Area Mini Murals: Artist Spotlight Series

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The Hobby Area District is excited to welcome Mini Murals tours, a project that uses public traffic signal boxes as mural backdrops to showcase local Houston artists. Maps and information for self-guided tours are available online. Bus tours are not yet available in our area, but are coming in the near future. We encourage residents and visitors to the Hobby area to check out the twenty unique art installations throughout the District.

The Hobby area is a vibrant, diverse part of Houston and boasts 20 mini murals of our own. Ranging from aviation themes to bayou wildlife, the Hobby District’s murals reflect the area’s character and defining features. We’ve highlighted two of the local artists whose work is featured in Hobby area mini murals below:

Clinton Millsap
A self-described “mark maker,” Clinton Millsap dabbles in different mediums but formally studied oil painting at the Florence Academy of Art after earning his B.F.A. in Fine Arts Painting & Drawing from the Columbus College of Art & Design. He taught art both at his alma mater and at Art Directions College in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In addition to being featured in several mini murals throughout the city and creating commissioned artwork, Millsap teaches artist workshops in Houston. In a laid back YouTube interview, Millsap commented, “I just love making art. So if there’s any reason to make it, I’m there.”

Roger Seward

With the aim of bringing the “Houston experience” to each work of art, Roger Seward’s signature artwork features microscenes of landscapes and cityscapes. In particular, he has several series which feature clouds, nature, and industrial elements, as seen in his mini mural above. Seward lives and works in Houston where he commissions murals and paintings on canvas, and was recently profiled in the book “People of Memorial Park.”

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