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2019 Ushers In Big Changes to the Hobby Area District Board

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Liliana Rambo, joining Hobby Area District board member

The Hobby area is constantly growing and changing for the better, and our District leadership is adapting to keep up. First, for the goodbyes: The Hobby Area District’s annual holiday party this past December also doubled as a send-off party for two of our former board members. After a successful tenure with the District, Jesus Saenz, of the Houston Airport System, and Vic Zachary, of Southwest Airlines, retired from their posts concluding years of dedicated service to the local community. We are grateful to Jesus and Vic for their commitment to the Hobby area and look forward to working with them in the future in other capacities.

With bright plans on the horizon, we are fortunate to welcome joining member Liliana Rambo, General Manager of Hobby Airport, to the Hobby Area District board. According to a press release from the Houston Airport System (HAS), “Rambo [previously] served as the Parking Director for HAS” and “served as the Parking Management Director for the City of Houston.” The Hobby Area District is proud to continue our strong partnership with Hobby Airport and Houston Airport System, with the shared goal of growing and improving the local community.

Hobby Area District board meeting

Board member Rambo has hit the ground running, and joined us for our 2019 State of the District luncheon with Mayor Sylvester Turner on February 14. We look forward to having her experience on the board, and we know her insights will be a value contribution as we continue to develop and improve our community in 2019.

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