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Comcast Brings Fiber to the Hobby Area: What It Means For Local Businesses

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Fiberoptic Cable

These days, fiber isn’t just part of your balanced breakfast—it’s the next iteration of the internet, with speeds that blow traditional internet connections out of the water and provide significant advantages to developing a competitive business community. Comcast Enterprise Account Executive Bryant Henderson works with commercial business owners in the Hobby area and recently spoke at the H2O Business Networking Breakfast.

There, Henderson shared exciting news about the new fiber project recently installed along the Broadway corridor. Houston is the main fiber center in Texas, and Comcast chose to extend this service to the Hobby Area for its favorable business climate poised for economic growth.

Henderson explained that the difference between fiber and coaxial (traditional cable) internet is the material laid to provide connection: fiber versus copper wiring. In addition to being blindingly fast, fiber is unaffected by extreme weather and rarely experiences service outages. In the event that connection is lost, Comcast guarantees that fiber internet will never be down for more than six hours—an important promise for businesses that depend on the internet to accept payments, access information, and more. Mr. Henderson offered an analogy to better understand fiber technology, “Fiber versus coaxial internet is basically the equivalent of taking the HOV lane versus I-45. One is significantly faster than the other.”

Hospitals, banks, consumer-facing businesses and security professionals are bound to experience benefits from fiber connectivity, as it can deliver faster speeds, more efficient service, and more reliable connection.

Interested in learning about the fiber options available in the Hobby Area District? Email Bryant Henderson at

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