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Local Voices: Let’s Taco ‘Bout Hobby’s Top Taquerias

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Our new series, Local Voices, gives a platform to Hobby area residents and stakeholders to tell their own stories, show their side of the neighborhood and take us into their world. Today we’re excited to continue a conversation with Jay Rascoe, who lends his expertise in all things tacos. Learn more about Jay and participate in taco banter via his Twitter account.

Jay says:

Anyone who’s driven around the Hobby area knows that there’s no shortage of taco trucks, taquerias or Mexican meat markets. This is great news for you, because—as we all know—tacos are the greatest food on the planet. I covered some favorite taco trucks in a previous post, but let’s talk about taquerias and meat markets.

Taqueria Del Sol, 8114 Park Place Boulevard

Everyone knows Taqueria Del Sol, the giant taqueria on Park Place and 45. What a lot of people don’t know is that their tacos are incredible—all of them. Order your tacos on corn tortillas, unless you’re ordering their barbacoa, where you’ll definitely need the flour tortillas to hold it all together.

La Michoacana Meat Market, 10206 Telephone Rd and multiple locations

Maybe you’re a renegade. You don’t want someone else putting your tacos together when you can do it yourself. Let me first say that I admire your determination. Head over to La Michoacana Meat Market. These are everywhere, but my favorite is the one on Telephone next to all of the other meat markets, one of their flagship locations. You can buy pre-seasoned fajita, pork, or pretty much anything you can imagine might go in between a couple of corn tortillas. You can also buy fresh, steam-in-the-bag tortillas there as well as your cilantro, white onion, avocado, and salsas. Also, if you give up on doing it yourself, just buy your tacos there. Their carnita tacos with salsa verde are out of this world. They also serve menudo, a soup for titans and warriors all week long (not just on the weekends).

Tortilleria La Fe, 7953 Bellfort Avenue

You’ll find this gem on Bellfort in Glenbrook Valley. While their specialty is obviously tortillas, man…they’ve got everything. All kinds of tacos, flautas, soups, whole chickens, aguas frescas, you name it. Just know one thing: if you’re wanting to make enchiladas at home, this is where you’ll want to get your corn tortillas.

Getting to know some of these great taco spots will unlock some great possibilities when you’re looking for a bite in the Hobby area. Best wishes, and good luck on your taco hunt!

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