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Local Voices: Let’s Taco ‘Bout Hobby’s Delicious Taco Trucks

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Our new series, Local Voices, gives a platform to Hobby area residents and stakeholders to tell their own stories, show their side of the neighborhood and take us into their world. Today we’re excited to feature Jay Rascoe, who lends his expertise in all things tacos. Learn more about Jay and participate in taco banter via his Twitter account.

Jay says:

Anyone who’s driven around the Hobby area knows that there’s no shortage of taco trucks, taquerias or Mexican meat markets. This is great news for you, because—as we all know—tacos are the greatest food on the planet. The only question is, how do you know where to find the best tacos? I’ve done the homework for you. Let’s talk about a few favorites in the neighborhood.



Taco spread from El Borrego.


El Borrego
If tacos were rock & roll, Edgebrook would be the Sunset Strip in the late ‘80s. You can find tacos and other insanely amazing things to eat on both sides of the street for blocks and blocks. A green bus called Taconmadre was the former king of Edgebrook, but in recent years, a giant orange bus called El Borrego Taqueria has conquered the block and acquired the throne. If you’re brave enough to try tacos de tripa, it’s one of their specialties. Cash only.



El Jalapeño does not disappoint.


El Jalapeño
El Jalapeño was one of the most popular trucks on Edgebrook, but it has recently moved to Telephone Road. I’m not sure how permanent this move is, but it’s great news for me since their new location is right down the street from my house. Known for their salsa verde and grilled onions, this truck also serves tripa. More good news: their tacos are
$1 each. Cash only.



Tacos el Primo Guero
Nobody knows why, but the best taco trucks are always located in front of tire shops. You’ve seen El Primo Guero before. If you’re on the Interstate 45 North feeder where it intersects with Airport Boulevard, you’ll see a red truck in front of a big yellow tire shop. The great thing about this truck is that they have a big trompo right inside the truck. The taquero carves the marinated pork off of the trompo and grills it on the plancha right in front of you. These tacos al pastor are some of the best in town. Just a heads up—they don’t open until 4PM.


Getting to know some of these great taco spots will unlock some great possibilities when you’re looking for a bite in the Hobby area. Best wishes, and good luck on your taco hunt!


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