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Can It: Combating Litter Together to Improve Our Community

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You probably know that litter is an eyesore and a serious environmental concern, but it’s also particularly damaging to small business owners. Trash that is improperly disposed of detracts from a neighborhood’s aesthetic appeal, which can affect both residential and commercial property values and may avert potential residents or business owners from considering the area. This is why we take our responsibility to mitigate trash and litter from major Hobby area neighborhood thoroughfares very seriously. In fact, we have a small but dedicated crew committed to keeping Hobby clean and vibrant.

We do the best we can as a management district with our efforts and resources, but there’s still always work to do. How can you help?

We’re glad you asked.

Business Owners: Small Investments, Big Impact
What can you do as a business or property owner in the District? Convenience makes adoption easier, so by increasing the number of trash and cigarette receptacles on your property, you give customers more convenient options for disposing litter. Some business owners find that something as simple as posting signs reminding customers to dispose of trash properly can greatly discourage littering.

Along with that, regular landscaping maintenance, external storefront improvements and parking lot clean-up can help create a public space that people want to keep clean. It also improves your curb appeal and provides a more welcoming space for customers or clients, so everyone wins.

Stop It Before It Starts
One major factor that influences littering is the presence of pre-existing litter. Convenience stores, fast food storefronts, drainage ditches and roadway underpasses are often peppered with litter ranging from single-use packaging and paper waste to cigarette butts and aluminum cans. When people see garbage strewn across a landscape, they are less likely to put in the effort of finding a trash can to dispose of their litter. This creates a cycle of littering and damages the overall appearance and reputation of an area. So help break the cycle, and get ahead of the litter.

How You Can Help
In 2017, the Hobby Area District completed a clean up of a total of 3,300 pounds of trash and mowed 1,100 miles of roadsides and medians. With the partnership of local business owners, we’re excited to continue to improve our community.

We are continuously striving to make the Hobby Area District an attractive place to live, work and play. As part of this mission, we have initiated a cleanup project to eliminate all illegal dumping within the Hobby Area District. We have placed two roll-off dumpsters in the parking lot of our office building to aid in this effort. Our goal is to help accentuate the beauty that the Hobby Area has to offer by first doing away with unsightly dump sites. We are expected to be complete with this project by the end of July 2018.  

According to, a person can be fined anywhere from $500-$2,000 for littering.

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