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No Museum Necessary: Public Art In Hobby District

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Public art—works that live outside of museums or private spaces—benefit communities in more ways than one. They inspire us, make us think, and on a basic level reflect a community’s personality while beautifying it at the same time. The Hobby Area District is grateful for its public artworks, and in particular is proud to be part of the Mini Murals project undertaken by UP Art Studio. The studio transforms mundane utility boxes found on many intersections around the city by commissioning local artists from the Houston area to paint the boxes.

Each box reflects the artist’s unique style and incorporates elements or history of the surrounding community. For example, many in the Hobby District area feature an aviation theme. Seventeen painted utility boxes can currently be found throughout the Hobby Area District, and though watching them pass by from a car window can be a gratifying experience, it’s worth seeking out each piece as part of a self-guided tour.

Below is the list of the painted utility boxes listed by the intersection at which they are located. Click through the links to see what each box looks like, where it is located and to read more about each artist.

Additionally, though most people might not think of the airport as an art-worthy destination, the Houston Airport System offers one of the largest collections of public art in the state of Texas. At Hobby Airport, passengers can find works in a variety of mediums, predominantly by Texas-based artists, throughout the airport’s terminals and grounds.

Find more about the public art of Hobby Airport, its permanent installations and their artists in the video below:

The Public Art of William P. Hobby’s International Concourse from Houston Airports on Vimeo.

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