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Blue Star Certified Apartments Highlight Safe and Healthy Communities In the District

Categories: Community

The Hobby District is proud to announce that Dover Place Apartments, located at 4137 Dover Avenue, has been designated as a new Blue Star Certified Apartment Complex.

The Blue Star program, created as a joint effort between the Houston Police Department and the Houston Apartment Association, helps apartment managers identify and reduce elements of crime in their properties by encouraging apartment communities to work cooperatively with the police to build safer and healthier communities.

The strictly voluntary program is directed towards those willing to implement initiatives to reduce calls for service, and enlist residents in living a crime-free lifestyle.

The program consists of three phases:

• Phase I: Training phase for apartment managers (applicant screening, legal overview, civil liabilities, eviction procedures, etc.)

• Phase II: C.P.T.E.D. (Crime prevention through environmental design) compliance phase

• Phase III: Social celebration with all parties involved for the successful designation as a Blue Star Property.

When the property is designated as a Blue Star Property, owners, managers and residents know they must meet expectations to stay in the program. Current residents commit to act in a responsible manner and refrain from illegal activity. New residents will receive an appendix to their rental contract advising them that criminal activity on the property will not be tolerated, and that any violation to their lease agreement is good cause for immediate termination of tenancy. This creates a sense of ownership in the community among residents and allows management to run properties, which experience low numbers of calls for service.

Dover Place joins Casa Cruz as the second Blue Star property in the District. More information on the Blue Star program can be found on the Houston Apartment Association website.

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