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Improvements at I-45/Broadway Traffic Circle

Categories: Community,Projects

TxDOT has completed its beautification project at the Broadway and I-45 traffic circle. Improvements include new landscaping, repainted road stripes, and enhanced lane designators.

In addition, new LED lights have been installed to increase visibility for drivers and pedestrians. The area has also been decked with new decorative features designed to reduce future encampments.

These revitalization measures will ensure the interchange remains safe and clean. We would like to thank TxDOT for taking on this beautification effort and coordinating with the District I office over the past few months to bring about these improvements.

One Response to "Improvements at I-45/Broadway Traffic Circle"

  1. Sherry Posted on 02/22/2017 at 4:04 pm

    Looks good, maybe someday we won’t have to call it “suicide Circle”

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