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Council Approves Creating Team to Combat Flooding

Categories: Community,Projects

City Council in January approved $10 million to fund a new initiative called the Storm Water Action Team – “SWAT” aimed at addressing drainage problems in neighborhoods across the city.

The work includes repairing collapsed culverts and drainage pipes, enlarging inlets, and regrading, cleaning and mowing more roadside ditches. Two of the first repairs in District I, along Plum Creek between I-45 and 610, will eliminate a drainage chokepoint in the Pecan Park neighborhood and improve overall drainage for the entire community.

Last year, City Council adopted Council Member Gallegos’ budget amendment calling on Public Works to explore funding for similar repairs that are normally considered to be the abutting property owners’ responsibility. The $10 million approved by City Council will fund quick fixes that will provide a great amount of relief to many neighborhoods.

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